Rasa Chmieliauskaitė

@ Archi/texture

Is an architect and promoter of architectural activism. Having worked in an architectural office for some time, researching heritage sites and adapting them to the contemporary context, Rasa is now immersed in a variety of cultural activities. Rasa is one of the initiators of the cultural river research platform “TẽKA”, as well as the curator of the projects “(NE)matoma architektūra” and “ECHOtektūra”.

Project “(NE)matoma architektūra”, implemented in 2019, together with Kaunas Artists’ House, sought to present the development of Lithuanian architecture from Gothic to postmodernism for the blind and partially sighted by non-visual means.  The “ECHOtektūra” project is currently being implemented. It is a successive extension of the previous one and aims to create a series of sound architectural works that use sound as a means of representing space. The created works would be experienced not visually per se, but visually and immersively, and would spatially reveal architectural objects to the blind.

Finally, three years of research turned into the project “Archi / Texture”, which aims at a new grammar of organizing architectural space, focusing on invisible dialogue with the environment around us and revealed through tactile, auditory, and orientational connections to the architectural phenomenon.