laura serra

Laura Serra

@ Kolektiv Cité Radieuse

Born in Madrid, Laura Serra holds a M.A in Political Science and International Relations, and graduated from the French Fashion and Design Institute in Paris. In 2012, she founded the first e-gallery devoted to Central and Eastern European design scenes in Western Europe. Since, her multi-disciplinary practice, also rooted in her background in social sciences, has expanded, from supporting emerging studios and artists through building transnational collaborations among designers and industries, to curating collective design residencies.

In 2016, she opened a first Gallery at UNESCO-listed Le Corbusier Housing Unit in Marseille, followed by a third space devoted to design and architecture, inaugurated on the occasion of Manifesta Art Biennale in 2020. The two spaces are reunited under the name Kolektiv Cité Radieuse. In 2017, Laura curated the crafted Bauhaus installation in Paris, followed by the cycle Living the modernist city, including for Tallinn Design Festival 2019, and the cycle Krehky Beton (Cracking Concrete), including design exhibitions in Marseille (2021) and Bratislava (2022) and a long-term collaboration with Slovak Photographer Maria Svarbova.

In 2019, she initiated a collaboration with Kaunas Modernism team, which includes the curation of a collective residency devoted to Interpreting Modernism through Design and Visual arts as part of Kaunas 2022, to conclude with an exhibition in October 2022. Prior to the conflict, her collaborations also extended to Ukraine, with a focus on contemporary interpretations of modernist architecture. In March, 2022, Kharkiv’s Urban Form Center temporarily relocated at Kolektiv Cité Radieuse, with view to pursuing its activities.