(The group is full!) Presentation of the pavilion “Archi/textura” and workshops about audio description “ADed value”

The interactive pavilion “Archi/Textūra” will present three years of research on the topic of non-visual experiential architecture by architect Rasa Chmieliauskaitė and art theorist dr. Justinas Kalinauskas. This research, carried out together with the Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired community, sought a new grammar of the organization of architectural space, aimed at invisible dialogue with the environment around us and revealed through tactile, auditory and orientational relations with the architectural phenomenon.

After the presentation of the Pavilion the topic of access and accessibility – especially in arts and architecture – will be continued with the workshop led by Impact Foundation team: Rafał Lis and Agata Etmanowicz. Looking for connections between the qualities (informational, artistic, or simply social) that generate objects and events through sight, hearing, touch (with different meanings), or even taste. The participants will have an opportunity to meet the specific of making an audio description and discuss the challenges of finding new solutions.


Workshop moderators: RAFAL LIS and AGATA ETMANOWICZ

More about the pavilion “Archi/Textūra”: https://architextura.lt/ | More about the “Impact Foundation”: http://www.impactaudience.org/