Exhibition: Haubitz + Zoche “Hybrid Modernism: Cinemas in South India”

Between the 1950s and the 1970s, numerous cinemas were built in towns and villages across South India. Their architecture is an unusual blend of indigenous and western architecture. The brightly coloured façades resemble stage sets and create a cinematic impression even before one enters the auditorium, marked by extravagant shapes and decorations, and the film begins. This architectural language could be called hybrid modernism. Many of these cinemas have retained their original state. However, in the country’s major cities, they have already begun to be converted into large cinema centres. Haubitz Zoche has documented this cultural phenomenon of cinema, which has almost disappeared in Europe and the USA and is slowly receding from the Indian map due to commercial incentives.

An exhibition of photographs from these cinemas will be on show from 21-22 September. The exhibition will be on display at the “Daina” Cinema in Kaunas.

Visiting hours: 12:00–20:00.

Organisers: Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Union of Photographers.