Keynote: AIDEEN BARRY (Visual artist, Ireland) – “On the collective act of interpreting the hidden histories of Kaunas Architectural Heritage“

A presentation by Barry on the tools and ploys that she adopted and engaged in to manifest creative engagement, buy-in and ownership of this large scale public art project and cinematic Art Film. In this lecture, the artist will cover her involvement in the project from its inception in 2019 to the creation of an internationally shown Art Film that will bring the lens both onto the city of Interwar Modernist Architecture but also the hidden histories of its citizens and mythologies enshrined within the walls. 

The presentation will cover how Barry used the mode of “interpretation” as carte blanche for the citizens of Kaunas, local artists, composers, dancers, choreographers, children, young people, senior citizens and stakeholders to weave an enormous tapestry of moving images and artworks that empowered the story of this architectural mecca of interwar modernism: envoking ideas of Foucault and his theories of Heterotopic Spaces and inspired by the structures of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities to construct this collaborative moving image Art work.